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"No Go to Sally's": A Mother’S Battle to Expose a Child Abuser

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When Sasha discovers her two-and-a-half-year old son is being physically abused by his childminder, she assumes the child protection authorities will spring into action and have this woman brought to justice or at least bar her from working with children. She was wrong.
No go to Sallys is the true story of one mothers fight against the system to have her childs voice heard. With actual letters and interview transcripts, the story of this familys ordeal is essential reading for every parent and anyone who works with children. It shows how easy it is to become a childminder and how hard it is to expose a bad one.
It is an insight of value to all parents into the challenges of making an allegation of child abuse. It is a guide to the practicalities of taking on the child-protection authorities when they fail in their duties. It is an overview of the people and organizations parents need to know about when making a complaint. It is written by a journalist applying all her skills and forensic approach to detail.
No go to Sallys wont just make you cry; it will make you angry and determined that this never happens to you and your child.

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