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Journey of a Schizophrenic: A Witness of Faith

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William gives a brief outline of some of his findings on this illness of schizophrenia which was compiled over 35 years of being a part of the mental health system in his homeland of Canada. His search for a better life led to numerous encounters with his God that saw some pretty amazing things occur. In spite of the fact that some medical personnel did not boost his sense of self worth at all , William has contributed to the betterment of society in his own small way. This book gives a written account of 15 stories that may prove this point. William says it is his faith which produces a sense of strong hope for him to continue despite facing the challenges of this disabling disease. This book may help people who are also encountering the trials of this disease as well as other people of faith may be strengthened by some of these stories. IT is also very informative for anyone on this subject of schizophrenia.

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