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No Poems for Giants

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Ryan Frankovic and his best friend, eight-foot-nine giant Luther Brightwell, live in a small midwestern town in the late fifties, surrounded by basketball enthusiasts. In the otherwise ordinary summer of 1956, Ryan and Luther witness the discordant relationship of Ryans neighbors, Sidney and Claire McMillan, but think nothing of it.

But several weeks later, Mrs. McMillan goes missing, and her disappearance leads to months of speculation and even suspicion of murder. About to begin their senior year, the boys soon forget about her in order to prepare for the upcoming sports seasonwhile, Luther struggles with his gargantuan height and strength.

As the sports season commences, however, the boys start to realize women in other nearby cities have gone missing as well. Despite the distractions of school and college prep, they put together the pieces that soon point to murderand possibly to the killer. Whats more, they are shocked to realize that these missing women have something to do with their basketball team.

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