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Black Velvet

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Velvet is a young Arabian mare. She lives on a humble farm with her two friends: Graham the Friesian stud and Pete the Clydesdale. Despite being happy in her surroundings, Velvet feels left out. She can see that her breed is different in size and strength compared to the breeds of the other horses. Velvet tries very hard to be like the other horses, but is unsuccessful at her attempts. This makes her feel sad and disheartened. One day however, Velvet is offered an opportunity to become a race horse. She is nervous at first and resists the idea of leaving her home to embark on this new adventure. After much encouragement from her friends however, Velvet bucks up the courage to take the opportunity presented to her. With a leap of faith Velvet soon discovers a world where she not only fits in, but becomes a first class sensation.

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