The Kingdoms of Hairpetah: The Quest to the Castle of Grislick

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The Kingdoms of Hairpetah: The Quest to the Castle of Grislick

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Length: 693 pages10 hours


The curse from the Queen-witch came as a lethal storm that destroyed both the Kingdoms of Gorrea and Azudehsia. For ten years, wild rumors fill the Kingdom of Sadehsia and warn of its own demise, but it is largely ignored. Only when the last Grand Duke of Sadehsia is murdered and then shortly afterthe king is smitten by a cruel spelldoes everyone begin to believe that the curse is real and the end is near.

To repel this evil and prevent their kingdom from destruction, an ancient relic from the first age must be retrieved from the domain of the Queen-witch. Though the hour is late, a company of brave heroes is formed. They embark on a perilous quest that leads them unto a path of darkness with death lurking around in every corner.

But are things really the way they appear, or is there something closer to home responsible for the sequence of terrible events? Will the quest prove fruitful? Will the king and the kingdom of Sadehsia be saved or will the heroes simply be riding to their doom? Follow the company in their journey across the land in The Kingdoms of Hairpetah.

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