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Victory Under the Banners of God

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This book is a compilation of biblical scripture to aid all Christians in their walk with God. The book will teach the readers about commitment to themselves as well as about showing love and compassion towards their families and other people. The concern for world issues and the confronting trials of everyday life, no matter how big or small, touches all Christians; therefore their faith in God should compel them into action. Although the book allows the reader to petition to God for salvation and breakthrough in their lives, it also showcases the role of the church in the daily lives of their congregations. Allow the banners, highlighted in this book, to teach you to trust in God and to expect Gods divine intervention during the trials and tribulations in your lives, your family, your church, your city, your country, or anywhere in the world. Consider the hardships of hunger, rape, and abuse of women and children. Your prayers and blessings will surely help.

You may use these banners during worship at home, during the meeting of your cell/small group or during the service at church. God bless you.

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