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Zarketh the World of Chaos: Episode 4 – the Crusade of Ascension

573 pages9 hours


It has been many long years of fighting in the brutal Chaos War. Dmitri Sion, the Patriarch, has stood by the side of his fellow men and women in their conflict against the empires that sought to annihilate them. However, after all this time, a grand plot has been revealed and now seeks to destroy everything that they hold dear. During their most dire hour though, a new opportunity to end the war will present itself. Sadly, the once noble and proud defender of the One-World is unsure if he is even capable anymore. In order to succeed, he must acquire a power untouched by time and use it on the one who started it all. Can he do it to save everyone, or will he choose to try to save his love one last time?

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