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Victorious Christian Living

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The core values of life matters What we are internally will come out externally in all areas of our life The degree and amount of success, blessings or money you have is determined by what is inside you. It is a fact of nature that what one believes and how you think will Produce Everything else in your life. If you Believe you cant you succeed in life, that's it, its Not Complicated. As a man thinks so is he Reproducing We are what we Believe Inside Actually on the outside. The Ability to Overcome is a Characteristic of successful people and They think Differently when the face or with REGARD to the problems of life we all face. Roman 12 V 21 We are called to overcome. and it means we can and must overcome to succeed in life. Successful people look for challenges and mountains to climb but refuse to be intimidated or give up their dreams and goals. James 1 v 2-4 How are we perfected and become strong It is how we think and how we overcome in life as we face the issues that are seemingly contradictions or perplexing which is an apposing force. The successful in life the more problems you have to solve and encounter is a law of nature . But the more problems you solve the better life becomes. There is a Time to hold on and a time to Let go in life. Life is for living and people who make it all a Drama reveals a need of a Shallow Maturity and empty life and what a Waste to Focus on the Drama and that Miss the Point life is for living and no matter what we are more than conqueror through His love not moaners groaners doubters complainers but are victorious even facing death we triumph. We must discern between the urgent, emergencies and the vital or important issues of life. Stay away from small negative thinking people who only moan and groan who are well meaning but can pollute you and yr happiness or dream. We need to be compassionate but we cannot allow dream stealers and hindrances to hold us from a life of success and blessings.

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