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The Ember Charging: The Sweet Expressions and Sayings

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As a writer the stranger the writing becomes, the more I have fun. I enjoy twisting sequence of words. Sometimes I am so Ironic. To me mysterious meanings-riddles are the best expression. Talking to your master spirit is the real deal, thats the point from where I can touch you. For thats where you are bound to feel me.

The manner in which I wrote these poems is yielded from my fruit of truthfulness, honesty, earnest, and faithfulness. I was like, pouring my heart to the folks from all odds.

Another thing which is the stem of my branches and the torch-source to my steam is feelings rather than words. I am doing the sense of hearing from the spirit of the Grand Creator.I feel the nature. Its amazing that I happen to know things Ive never been taught of.

When the poem is performed or read there is some fun earned because of some arrangement of words and rhymes as well. But the essence of poetry is the most vital aspect to be taken heed to.

The essence of writing this compilation of poetry is to touch you with expressions unfamiliar to your ears. Therefore we are supposed to study poems ardently in order to make meaning as well as having some fun. The only reason I wrote this poetry was to pass a significant message.

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