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The Unfolding Message of the Bible

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In most of his books, Dr. Morgan is a teacher and the reader a student; in this book, the scene and the relationship are different. This is a fireside chat, and the most informal of all his writings. It is as though the reader were invited into the home of the renowned and beloved scholar to sit before the fire and just talk about the Scriptures. It is as intimate as that. Here is completely new and previously unpublished material, and a new look at the warm and glowing personality of this master of the Word.

Originally, he called it “The Harmony of the Scriptures,” but we felt that such a title might indicate that it was another of those “Harmonies” which run the Gospels in parallel columns, for the purposes of comparison. This is not a comparison, but a weaving together. The Bible is indeed a library of sixty-six books, each of which must be studied separately if we are to understand it. But we must also understand that the books are chapters in a long, connected story—the story of a community, and a record of divine government—and that, as Dr. Morgan has it, “It is concerning... Christ, and the history of that Lord, that the Bible is one.”

This is the divine, interwoven tapestry of the Word, as God gave it warp and woof, described by one who sees the golden thread of one increasing purpose and unfolding message running through it all. It is G. Campbell Morgan at his informal and inspiring best.

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