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Unholy Intentions

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Set in Atlanta, Georgia, Unholy Intentions, is a novel of cat and mouse with lethal terrorists. Lead character and ex-marine Clebe Raol, heads up the FBI's crack counter-terror team headquartered in Atlanta. He and his team work closely with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Clebe is engaged to Dr. Julie Bodet, an infectious disease research specialist at the CDC. The story involves a plot by ISIS to unleash a genetically altered strain of leprosy in Atlanta with the intention of disrupting the country's economy and killing millions of people in a terror attack on the scale of a nuclear holocaust.

 The story involves activity in Africa, Pakistan, India, Venezuela, Cuba and ultimately the United States as the terrorists seek to test their ferocious disease and carry out their plot. It is a struggle between good and evil, involving a feared disease dating back to Biblical times and climaxing with a thrilling confrontation in the heart of Atlanta. 

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