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Amish Trust and Betrayal: Big Valley Amish, #2

118 pages1 hour


Katie's lies are spinning out of control. To deflect suspicion from herself, she takes a desperate step. Will it destroy her?

Katie's life is falling apart. She's being stalked; her relationship is on the rocks; her friends look at her with suspicion; and now the sins of her past are bubbling up into her present life. To deflect suspicion, she has to keep lying.

But every lie she tells only makes things worse. Now, at the end of her rope, Katie takes a desperate step. Will it destroy her?

Find out in the Amish Trust and Betrayal, Book 2 of the Big Valley Amish series by Rachel Stoltzfus.

If you love Christian Amish stories about love, healing and the power of community, grab this series collection today!

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