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Instagram Marketing

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Dear Friend:

Google receives over one million searches per month for Instagram related terms such as Instagram marketing, Instagram ads, Instagram advertising and Instagram promotion. There are currently 800 million active Instagram users logging in every month and the forecast is that this could grow to 1 billion users by the end of 2018.

80% of Instagram users follow a business. The engagement rates on Instagram are 15 times more than Facebook and 20 times more than Twitter.

The growth in Instagram users has lead to a surge in the amount of advertising that is taking place on the platform. Like other active social media platforms things are always changing and the marketing techniques that used to work well are no longer effective. Instagram presents a massive traffic opportunity for marketers.

I have written a "Brand New" and totally unique book called "Instagram Marketing". This guide is suitable for people that are totally new to Instagram marketing as well as those that have tried it and not been as successful as they wanted to be.

So many online marketers make mistakes with Instagram marketing and then give up using it. This book is an up to date guide that will provide the reader with proven video marketing techniques that work right now.

Here's a glimpse of what this course covers:

- The Ten Mistakes That You Absolutely Have To Avoid If You Want To Succeed With Instagram Marketing.

- How To Develop The Right Mindset And Send Your Instagram Marketing Campaigns Into Overdrive.

- The Most Critical Element Of Instagram Marketing Success And How To Get This Right Every Time.

- How You Can Easily Reverse Engineer What Your Competitors Are Doing So That You Create A Winning Persona.

- The Content Strategy That You MUST Adopt To Create A Magnetic Persona That Will Attract Hordes Of Followers.

- How You Can Create A Sales Funnel That Is Perfect For Instagram Users And Drive Your Sales Through The Roof.

- How You Can Use A Proven Marketing Technique From Another Social Media Platform To Pull Instagram Users Deeper Into Your Funnel.

- The Number One Way To Boost Your Exposure On Instagram And The Mistakes That You MUST Avoid When Doing This.

- Why You Need To Continuously Optimize Your Funnel So That You Achieve The Maximum Conversions From Instagram Traffic.

- The Best Practices For Instagram Marketing That You Must Adopt To Ensure That You Get The Very Best Results.

And Much More!

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