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Big Valley Amish



A community's best intentions are tested when a local barn fire looks like arson. They know Katie lies. Is she responsible?

As Katie gets trapped in her own web of lies, the line between truth and deceit becomes muddled. Katie can't make herself forget what happened to her in Goshen. And her stories won't make the pain go away.

Then a neighbor's barn burns down, and it looks like arson. Now Katie is the number one suspect. Is Katie responsible? If so, does that make her beyond redemption? And if not, how can a proven liar clear her own name?

Katie is at the end of her rope. What she does next will shock a community and expose a family's tragic secret.

Find out in the Amish Love and Healing by Rachel Stoltzfus. This is the third book of the Big Valley Amish series.

If you love Christian Amish stories about love, healing, and the power of community, start reading Amish Love and Healing today!

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