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Papa Goose: One Year, Seven Goslings, and the Flight of My Life

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Absolutely adorable firsthand account of living with and raising wild geese from fuzzy little goslings to full grown (yet still adorable) flying troublemakers
While other stories of raising geese and teaching them to fly exist (see the move Fly Away Home), this project was carried out for a greater scientific purpose. Quetting taught his geese to fly as research for Icarus, Initiative, a massive worldwide project to study the behavioral and movement traits of animals in the wild.
A cellphone app for the Icarus project will launch in the spring, and Michael Quetting will write a weekly blog related to the project.
Quetting is in the midst of a tough divorce and his interactions with the geese teach him about living in the moment, acceptance, love, and belonging, and help him evaluate his own emotions about fatherhood.

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