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Plastic Fantastic

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Plastic Fantastic

Length: 50 pages25 minutes


Plastic Fantastic is about Zero, an octopus without arms that floats aimlessly in the ocean. Then he meets Hero, a fish stick that escaped from the deep fryer of a cruise ship. Together they travel to Plastic Fantastic to arrange new arms for Zero. An adventure that ends in an ominous place and that will change the life of Zero forever.

"Plastic Fantastic is at the crossroads of Finding Nemo and Wonder while at the same time helping to save our planet." -- Bradley Charbonneau, editor

Lorena Veldhuijzen debuted in 2012 with youth book and bestseller Adventures of Glass. Plastic Fantastic is her first international edition. Lorena Veldhuijzen is a children's book author, writing coach, and encourages young and old to write from the heart.

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