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The Adventures of Hardluck Hannigan: Emerald Death

170 pages2 hours


“In the Golden Age of Adventure ....” announces this new novel from bestselling author Bill Craig. He says this new series is for “the fans of the old style of action tales and stories of High-Adventure. Here, you’ll meet Mike Harrigan, known to his friends and foes as “Hardluck Hannigan.” Traipsing through the Belgium Congo, he takes on Nazis, river pirates, even the legendary Prester John. With Bridget Ellen O’Malley and Father Niles McKenzie at his side, .45 blazing, Hardluck Hannigan pits himself against the nefarious Doctor Ragnarok in the search for the fabulous Emerald of Eternity. Better than a Saturday morning serial, this new book series keeps you hanging on the edge of the cliff.

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