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The Asterisk: A Fan's Grievance On Cheating And Rule Manipulation In The NFL

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The NFL’s affirmative action to protect less athletic and immobile quarterbacks over decades has resulted in a ripple effect of change to every defensive position on the field. Dominant athletes have had to conform to greater subjective on-field enforcement or face massive fines.

The Asterisk uses comparison analysis, player statistics, and first-hand sources to give compelling insight on the more than two decade’s worth of cheating and rule manipulation that precipitated a spillover of success for the New England Patriots in today's NFL.

The Asterisk is a fact-based analysis that highlights the unscrupulous factors elevating the Patriots to so-called G.O.A.T. status:

- The manipulation of rules to protect less athletic quarterbacks in the NFL for decades
- Massive cheating by the patriots over the better part of a decade and the eventual cover-up
- Rules that are biased against more mobile quarterbacks who are endangered on the field

The Author takes you on a riveting journey on the history of the NFL and gives the reader stunning truths about the nefarious factors that has propelled the Patriots to dominance in the League.

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