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Charge it to the Game

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I don't follow the original 10 crack commandments because I make my own rules. Number one, keep both heads where they belong because hoes equal drama, and after a decade of success I don't need none.
My mama named me Kyle, and my name holds just as much weight in these Pine Hills streets as the product I move. At only 22 years old, I have everything I thought I could have ever wanted - until I met her.
Tamia Santiago can move more product then most men I know. She's sexy, smart, successful, and loyal. She’ll even pull out her tool to hold me down whenever I need her to, and she'll do it all without breaking a nail or a sweat.
"Just leave it alone bruh," one of my closest boys, Jason, tried to warn me. "You have a better chance winning the lotto."
While I've always been the type to holla money over broads, it's only because I've never met one that was worth more than money, knew how to make her own, and helps me get more.
I wonder what a woman like that will cost me to have?

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