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The Stories from the Solar System: Complete Sci-Fi Series: A Martian Odyssey, Valley of Dreams, Flight on Titan, Parasite Planet, The Lotus Eaters, The Planet of Doubt, The Red Peri, The Mad Moon, Redemption Cairn and Tidal Moon

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"Stories from the Solar System" is series of short stories which are set upon various planets and moons of the Solar System. The stories are marked by attention to the detail of the alien ecosystems with which Weinbaum equips his planets. Though only a few of the stories share protagonists, there is enough shared detail between the stories to show that they belong to a common fictional universe.
A Martian Odyssey (Mars)
Valley of Dreams (Mars)
Flight on Titan (Titan)
Parasite Planet (Venus)
The Lotus Eaters (Venus)
The Planet of Doubt (Uranus)
The Red Peri (Pluto)
The Mad Moon (Io)
Redemption Cairn (Europa)
Tidal Moon (Ganymede)

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