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The Teachings of Jesus Today

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This book brings all the teachings and parables of Jesus to life and shows how relevant they are today. It also covers the miracles that he worked such as the raising of Lazarus from the dead - a startling feat which astounded the crowds and which forced the religious leaders to act. The teachings of Jesus on forty subjects are explored, which range from his claim to be the Christ to how we should handle life's worries, from the importance of covenant to how we can show Christian love, and from marriage to the incredible joys that await us in heaven. The book will appeal to Christians who would like to know more about Jesus and his teachings, but it will also be of interest to people of other faiths who would like an insight into this humble carpenter and prophet who claimed to be the Son of God. The teachings of Jesus aren't just fascinating to read, but they're also a roadmap that marks out the path to heaven for us.

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