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Annabelle Pinkham, a young, Free Negro in the early 1800s is tormented by the knowledge that many of her "brothers and sisters" are bound in slavery. A gifted artist, she leaves the security of her Nantucket home for a school in Washington, D.C. to pursue her talent. In Washington, she becomes enmeshed in the abolitonist movement, where she sets out on a perilous course devoting her life to helping slaves reach freedom.With compassion, courage, and perserverance, she pursues this path. From a terrifying encounter In Washington while sketching slaves building the nation's Capitol to escorting slaves to freedom through the mountains of Maryland in the dead of winter, and to bringing them from a fearful swamp deep in Virginia, she never lost her fervor.In the conclusion, faced with a major reversal experienced by the movement, she vows to continue her work.
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