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Journey With the Comet: Beautiful Dreamer

702 pages10 hours


Leona Haley and Mark Twain—her favorite writer—have something in common. They were born under Halley's Comet, and amazingly Twain died under it too, just 5 days before Leona was born. Upon learning this, the young girl's dreams of performing on Broadway are now replaced by dreams of becoming a famous astronomer like Edmund Halley; hoping someday to discover a comet of her own and to live long enough to see Halley's Comet return from its 76 year journey. But that's not all, Leona's newfound knowledge triggers 'fantastic dreams' in which she rides through the heavens on a 'magical comet', allowing her to see places and things she has only read about; and helping her overcome obstacles in her life's journey—as does surreal earth-bound encounters with a giant American Bald Eagle.

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