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How Your Personality Type Is Inherited: The NPA Model of Genetic Traits

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by A.M. Benis, ScD, MD. The purpose of this book is to allow you, the reader, to see how your personality type was inherited. Our premise is that everyone has several major personality traits resulting from just a few genes, and that we can trace the traits in a family tree. By personality type, we mean that the traits assort themselves — one, two or three traits together. There are three basic traits and about a dozen common personality types. If you are not familiar with the NPA model, the introductory chapters will bring you up to speed quickly. Next, we present twenty “case studies” that illustrate how the personality traits are transmitted. Here, you will meet Giovanni and Pania, Bogdan and Lulu, as well as King Lucifer IV and his many mistresses. Each of the cases has an instructive element, and when you are through with the illustrations, you should be in good form to do your own analysis... of yourself, your family, your significant other, and even of children who are not yet born. 157 pp.

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