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Feral Desires: Forever and a Night, #4

373 pages6 hours


Elizabeth Davenport loves a good time. She's a rich, twenty-one-year-old vampire embarking on a new career and living the high life in New York City. Her father, famous real-estate mogul Nathan Davenport, will do anything to protect Beth, who is the apple of his eye. One night at an art premiere, she meets Dr. Noah Langston, an OB/GYN for vampires. He's handsome, sexy, and two hundred and fifty years older than her. It isn't long after Beth begins to date Noah that she incurs a stalker. Their budding romance takes a backseat to this menace who is wreaking havoc in Beth's life. He abducts one of her friends and threatens to kill her if Beth won't agree to see him. Now everyone in Beth's life is working overtime to catch this killer who has a sick fantasy that Beth is his life mate. Can Beth catch this killer in time or will it be too late?

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