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Grow Your Organization - The Tools, Tips, Tricks and Traps to Growing Your Association and Having a Blast at the Same Time

91 pages52 minutes


Big things can develop from the smallest seeds. Like giant Redwoods, your association can benefit from the powerful ideas in this book.

Most Associations are trying to fill the need of their members. In most cases, those association members want some sort of increase in their business through better marketing, increased sales, or improved leadership. However, the association itself is ALSO looking for these same things.

In Growing Your Organization, you will find real world examples of ways to get the increases in revenue, members, retention, and improved volunteerism. Using the methods of today's giant successful corporation, and throwing in proven low cost, highly effective practices of associations across the country, we have created this workbook for you.
This workbook will help you:

- Make your marketing messages connect with potential new members!
- Give you low cost/no cost ways to drive membership and revenues.
- Share tools to increase Board participation, and increase event attendance.
- Improve word of mouth buzz for your association.
- Make growing your association fun.

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