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Arafura: Brewster Legal Thriller, #2

250 pages3 hours


A politician's daughter is executed. A city is under terrorist threat. A counter-terrorist boss gone rogue. Thousands of lives are at stake - but what can a lawyer do?

Brewster is a lawyer trying to leave behind a past in espionage and counter-terrorism but when the daughter of a high-profile Australian politician is murdered in Indonesia he is pulled back into the dark side and uncovers an ex-military criminal 'godfather' with a terrorist plan to attack Brewster's home city of Darwin.

Brewster travels into West Timor to bring out the godfather or 'cut the head off the snake'. As the godfather's compound is breached, plans turn sour and Brewster and his colleagues are captured. Australian counter-terrorism forces cannot move to save Brewster's crew but they are extracted in an unexpected manner.

After returning home, the full plan of the godfather's Jihad is uncovered and Darwin's CBD is in imminent danger from a giant explosion with a projected death toll of more than 5,000. Brewster and Australian Defence Forces must move fast to save the city but with a counter-terrorism boss gone rogue, can they act in time?

Arafura is the second of the Brewster Legal Thriller series.

Bruce Honeywill delivers his most gripping story yet with this thrilling and super-charged action thriller.

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