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Beautiful Disaster

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Beautiful Disaster

By C.J.

Length: 496 pages6 hours


Danny and Kevin chemists at Lexi Corp. Cosmetics Company were actively avoiding work one beautiful Friday afternoon when they inadvertently set in motion a chain of events that would change the face of the world forever. As they contemplated quietly sneaking out early, their world erupted into a panic. It's what's every procrastinator fears, the announcement of a Monday morning deadline that they are totally unprepared for. With a little inadvertent help from Danny's bio-chemist girlfriend, Maggie, a beauty product is hastily created. This disaster, however, is nothing compared to the terror that is about to descend in the form of  Human Resource representative, Suzanne. Suzanne, the sociopathic corporate spy, who will stop at nothing to steal Danny and Kevin's incredible discovery created out of  Monday morning deadline fear. The formula is a discovery like no other. Who wouldn't pay anything that would erase all wrinkles and imperfections in a matter of minutes? A find like this is one many would kill for. Even worse, it isn't long before the unstable formula reveals extraordinary side effects, ones that will cause worldwide chaos. As the three scientists struggle to save humanity from potential disaster, they will have to overcome deadly mercenaries, the unstoppable Suzanne, and the man pulling everyone strings: the mysterious Boss. Along the way, Danny, Kevin, and Maggie are aided by Kevin's SWAT girlfriend, and an odd assortment of government bureaucrats. Mankind just may be doomed. God help us all.

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