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The Coalition



24 hours with her enemy is all it will take to stop her people from dying, but 16 year old Shai Eli didn't count on falling for him.

Shai is the Outerlands' new leader but if anyone finds out what happened in Lael three months ago, everything she's worked for will fall apart. The only one who knows this secret is her enemy Samael, who threatens to blackmail her unless she agrees to spend 24 hours alone with him in Gershom.

Of course she won't go.

But when the Laelites begin mysteriously dying, Shai discovers she has only two days to figure out what's going on, and worse, Samael is the only one who can help. But only if she accepts his offer.

Left with no other choice, Shai agrees to spend the night, only to find out Samael has no intentions of letting her go after 24 hours is up. Trying to find a way out of Gershom before time runs out is one thing, but what happens when Shai begins to see the softer side of the dark lord is another.

It's a battle between duty and desire and Shai is running out of time.

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