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The Reverse of the Curse



Ariel has been kidnapped by Luke and his friends and taken to Calicia Claig’s coven in Canada, what does Calicia want from Alexander and Antoinette? Alexander and Antoinette mount a rescue with the help of Mia, Zack and Jeremy, but will they arrive in time to save her?    

Meanwhile back at Lincoln High things are sizzling! Melissa and Levi’s deaths were ruled an accident but Erin and David suspect murder and that Luke and his friends are to blame, will they learn the truth? There are two days left in the semester and Mirka, Lauren and Joseph volunteer to teach class, can they successfully fend off Principle Hines until their teachers return?

And lastly, in the midst of all that has happened, the most important issue remains, has Luke changed Ariel? Alexander is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice.

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