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The Stolen God: Powers Truth

246 pages4 hours


Aruna, the world of mortals, is recovering from the aftermath of a civil war. What the people had not expected from the civil war was to discover that gods still existed and that it would be a single god who would save them.

Kristy, a powerful telepath, works hard to lead the people forward in this new age of peace and gods, but it will be the test of her heart that will be the hardest of all.

Whilst Kristy navigates the politics of Aruna, Bart, the lost prince of the gods, struggles to find his place in the world. Where does he belong? Should he follow his heart and stay on Aruna, or return to the realm of the gods and accept his place as their prince.

Life for Bart and Kristy, however, is to take an unexpected turn that will test the very depths of their love.

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