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A Time of Witches

249 pages3 hours


In MINDFUL THINGS, Lauren embraces her true nature as she cultivates her growing powers. She continues to be hunted by loyalists to Raefield, a reminder that he’ll do anything to obtain the essence of her powers, even at the cost of her life.

Now, Lauren and Quinn must flee Chicago to protect her family and friends from Raefield’s accomplices. Lauren is determined to finally defeat the forces of evil in a timeless struggle for power. She travels to New Haven, Connecticut, with her family to reconnect with her past and to gain insight into her true identity. Helen conjures up a spell, sending Lauren to confront the secrets that has haunted her family for over a century. She is lured deeper into a world of magic, where visions of hope and prosperity weave within the darkness of Raefield’s world, where survival becomes a turn of fate. Armed with new knowledge, Lauren challenges Raefield and is left defeated.

Lauren receives mysterious gifts from her mother. As Raefield’s forces clashes with their lives, Lauren gathers her friends to decipher their meaning. They unravel connections to Lauren, but are thwarted when a power shift surges out of control. Will they be too late to stop the destruction of their world?

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