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The Mystery of Wicklow Hall

103 pages1 hour


Once again, time travelling sleuth Bess Hooper is set to solve another mystery. But how do you work out a problem that is already solved?
When the Hooper family visit relatives over Christmas, Bess goes back in time in her dreams. But this time there are also hints that pop up unexpectedly. As the clues unravel, she meets another time traveler and it appears to Bess that they are both on the same path. But the stranger has a different agenda which is revealed along the way. With the help of her cousin Clancy, a confused Bess realises that there is more than one mystery involved.
Plagued with visitors from the past, and a girl that appears in the box room, the clues reveal more about Wicklow Hall than Bess ever imagined and by solving the mystery, she sets in motion an event that will change history, and learns more about herself along the way.

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