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The Wheel and the Day

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In the Washington, DC metropolitan area, Jacob Ayers, in his casual way, finds himself in the midst of a thriving community of witches. From late night strolls in the city to dancing around bonfires and drum circles, Jacob’s experiences with community members is mostly a pleasant one. The people themselves are welcoming and are hardly evangelical about their beliefs, which is fine for Jacob as he has no idea if he really believes any of it at all. That is, until odd things start to happen. Things go bump in the night. Tension builds between people. Sickness and even death spread among the varying groups. Then, it starts affecting Jacob. To get his life back, Jacob must decide for himself if the magic of the community is real or if it’s all just in his head.

Michael Cabrera is a former Navy Corpsman and current Operation Enduring Freedom veteran. He is an initiate in the Blue Rose line of the Feri tradition of witchcraft. He currently lives in Arlington, Virginia in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

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