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Yesterday's Giant

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At the time of Julius Caesar, a small sapling takes root in a shady valley in Northern California. The young tree continues to grow through a succession of tumultuous world events. The demise of the Roman Empire, the Crusades, the voyages of Christopher Columbus, two world wars, the birth of television and the internet all pass in time, as the special Redwood tree continues to grow to an astounding height of 375 feet.

Affectionately named "Yesterday's Giant" by environmentalists, the two thousand year old tree is, unfortunately, located a few hundred feet outside the protective boundaries of a National Park. Despite the outcry of it's protectors, the ancient Redwood falls to victim to the chainsaws of an unscrupulous saw mill owner.

Three items handcrafted from the wood of the fallen giant serve as the focal point of this entertaining tale of love, lust and redemption. The items are: A Wedding Bed, Two Cradles and a Coffin. This suspenseful story is full of unusual twists and turns. Enjoyable for all readers.

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