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A Fit Day For Dark Disgrace

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Cheeky, hardworking, British lad Freddie Foster is obsessed with films and pulp fiction. At the age of eighteen, after finishing his two year conscription, he finds it hard to find work. Many of his mates have hopped on ships bound for the Antipodes. Freddie decides to join the ten pound Poms but discovers Australia and New Zealand isn’t anywhere near the promised land of milk and honey. Instead, New Zealand is still suffering the turmoil of social depression from the last war. People are living in fear of communism, American influenced teenage delinquency, moral decline, and horrific murders committed by young women. Two years later, at the age of twenty seven, Freddie finds himself a victim of the Brylcreem, Rock ‘n Roll‘, Rebel Without A Cause’, Cold War era.
When the love of his life, Sharon Skiffington, 19, is tragically and accidentally killed, The National government capitalise on his behaviour to send a swift, strict message to their debauched youth. To the people of New Zealand Freddie is just another unwanted immigrant, another young man living in a distorted reality, using half-truths and wearing outlandish clothes, which only confirm the worst fears of the establishment and parents. At his trial the Crown play up to the virtuousness of the Judge and Jury, declaring their client ‘obsessed with sex’. They attack Freddie’s loose morals and sentence him to death.

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