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Forbidden Love

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Mary Elizabeth proudly watched her husband, looking so dashing in his gray uniform with the gold epaulets, lead his men away. A tear falling down her cheek as the long line of troops bravely passed. They said the war would be over quickly, the Yankees allowing the South to live in peace. Her husband returning to her lonely, welcoming bed.

They were wrong on so many levels...

Enduring years of loneliness and hardship, under the constant threat of invasion, Mary Elizabeth does her best to cope. As the war drags on, her loneliness increasing, she finds herself toiling incessantly in the fields, trying to save her home. No better than the slaves she worked beside. Doing her best, the crops desperately needed to assist the Confederacy.

Her body hungering for the intimate touch of a man, any man. Mary Elizabeth finds herself working alongside Sam. A strapping young man, an easy six-foot tall with muscles bulging in his arms and chest. His black body glistening with sweat as he toiled in the fields. The faded cotton pants he wore doing little to hide the rather large... Oh, my! The forbidden nature of her thoughts consuming her. Her yearnings becoming too deep to ignore...

A tale of historical erotica.

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