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Thought Gazer

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"Thoroughly imaginative, with an eloquent writing style and characters that live and breathe on the page. Thought Gazer will definitely make you think!”—Paul Kane, bestselling and award-winning author of Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell, Before and Arcana.

Everyone who touches you transforms you, if only a little. But if you enter their minds and think what they have thought, in effect do what they have complete will that transformation be? If Peniff had been born an ordinary man, his family would be safe—safe as anyone can be in a land torn apart by war. It is his singular gift, however, that causes his wife and children to be imprisoned and held hostage and him to be used as a tool. Caught up in a struggle between opposing warlords and refusing to play the game, Peniff elects to take the moral high road. This is the story of a man, in all other ways ordinary, rising above his fears to do what he must. Can he free his family before his betrayal comes to light? Moreover, what will he become before his journey is over? Thought Gazer, the second volume of The Ydron Saga, is the first book of the prequel trilogy to Awakening.

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