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At war with My Own Sanity. . .

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Lucy Taylor had been overweight all her life and not overly attractive she was a virgin until the age of thirty-eight, until that fateful night having met him in a lonely nightclub where she was having a drink after work setting alone when he came over to her table with a glass of draft beer in his hand and had begun to woo her coming on to Lucy flirtatiously and as fate would have it she lost her virginity to this man Troy Jackson that very night.
Five years later, at the age of forty three she now the product of a failed marriage a woman had been in an exclusive relationship with Troy Jackson a tall slender man in his thirties who suffered from an acute form of hyper sexuality, though he was sweet loving and kind and had an affixation for heavier women he was quite demanding not only when it came to sex his sexual needs quite profound in a relationship desiring for his female companion to be submissive to him in all facets of sexuality vaginal intercourse, oral and anal sex as well he is expecting his female partner to submissively give in to his sexual desires on a regular daily basis three to four times the day each and every day as well as to cook and clean keeping his apartment the immaculate.

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