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Unbecoming Meetings (#2 of California Dreaming) A Los Angeles Series

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James Alliston, a famous New York writer, moved to Los Angeles after Karen, the woman he loved, left him; tired of James's ongoing existential crisis. He has not written anything for too long, standing in a perennial "creative block". Abandoned by the wife with whom he raised his daughter Elizabeth until the age of three, under the advice of his best friend and literary agent, Andy Jackson, he decides to move back to Los Angeles to start a new life. Known already from the literary and film scene, his return to the city will be an opportunity to re-establish old past, sometimes even unwanted relationships. An old acquaintance in particular will be a great opportunity for James to make new friends with Stacy: the first girl he really loved, before getting to know Karen. Meanwhile, Andy, his literary agent, is in the midst of a marriage crisis in which his wife threatens to take away everything he owns. The arrival of Lucy, a young and beautiful aspiring actress, will not simplify the situation. Meanwhile, James will have the opportunity to meet Allison, a young girl with piercing blue eyes, who will unexpectedly change the cards at table putting at risk the newly created relationship with Stacy: a young and charming woman, kind and sweet, for the which he will start to feel completely unexpected feelings. In the second episode of California Dreaming, a series created by the award-winning novelist Andrew J. Smith and sponsored with the help of California Dreaming Production, will be full of twists, sensual and romantic backgrounds, which will enjoy in the reader's mind a exciting series to read in one breath.

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