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Family Inflamed: Force of Family Book 1

254 pages4 hours


Melanie always seemed to have a great life. She had a new house, a new car, and the perfect family. But things are not always what they seem. Behind the grand doors screaming and broken knick knacks are the norm. But things are looking up for their family and it seems Melanie’s mother is starting to make progress in therapy- until they stumble on the shocking scene that reveals what she’s really been doing with the doctor. And then her Dad, the only solid point in her turbulent life, suddenly is gone for good.

Family Inflamed is a YA book full of intrigue, heartbreak, affairs and abuse and assault. Through one girl’s eyes we discover a toxic cesspool that is anything but the picture perfect family kids dream of. Melanie struggles to hold herself together and define herself and her life on her own terms and fights against fate in this coming of age drama.


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