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Nano-inspired Biosensors for Protein Assay with Clinical Applications

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Nano-inspired Biosensors for Protein Assay with Clinical Applications introduces the latest developments in nano-inspired biosensing, helping readers understand both the fundamentals and frontiers in this rapidly advancing field. In recent decades, there has been increased interest in nano-inspired biosensors for clinical application. Proteins, e.g. antigen-antibody, tumor markers and enzymes are the most important target in disease diagnosis, and a variety of biosensing techniques and strategies have been developed for protein assay. This book brings together all the current literature on the most recent advances of protein analysis and new methodologies in designing new kinds of biosensors for clinical diagnostic use.

Provides a single source of information on the latest developments in the field of biosensors for protein analysis and clinical diagnosis Focuses on biosensors fabricated with nanomaterials and nanotechnology Gives detailed methodologies for designing and fabricating nano-inspired biosensors

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