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Life in the 22nd Century-Project Minus Four

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In this book, the author recommends a project that will ensure a crime-free, abundant 22nd century. He has aptly called this project “Project Minus Four”, which is intended to describe the four elemental concepts that need to be removed from a civilised society in order to free it from crime, poverty, social and national conflicts, domestic violence and needless tragedies, such as acts of terror, wars, buildings going up in flames, killing all who live in them, as well as all kinds of “accidents” that result on account of people being too anxious, too angry, too frustrated, or too tense—all of which are a direct result of the pressure that the economic and/or the social system puts on them. In this book, the author has set down the details of how these problems are to be solved and what the society in the 22nd century can expect to be like if his Project Minus Four is implemented now.

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