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Val's Gains

61 pages56 minutes


A Breast Expansion and Female Muscle Growth Story

Tim keeps having a recurring, tantalizing dream: a woman draped in shadows, using him to grow her body, her breasts and muscles expanding to godlike proportions, the pleasure and excitement mounting... and then, inexorably, the dream ends.

Tim, 20 and in college, is frustrated. Frustrated by his tendency to put his foot in his mouth, his unreliability with his friends, his desires that he knows are unrealistic and will never be fulfilled.

Then, one day in class, he meets a girl.

Val is an enigma: fit yet crippled, cool yet kinder to him than he feels he deserves, and hot beyond all comprehension. The two have instant chemistry.

After a lab accident though, Val begins to behave very strangely... and her body even more so.

As Val’s checkered past unravels, both she and Tim find themselves getting what they always thought they wanted... and more.

How will Tim and Val cope when their relationship starts “growing” in unexpected ways?

This story is Book 1 of an erotic romance series featuring egregious breast expansion and female muscle growth.

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