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An Adolescent's Guide to ME/CFS

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"This brief book on ME will be most helpful to young people and their parents as it provides an excellent overview of what this disease is including its history and possible causes. While there is still no cure, there are coping strategies that can help patients better adjust to one of the more debilitating illnesses that affect thousands of youth in our country. Clearly, more research and educating needed for this most vulnerable population that is affected with ME."
-Leonard A. Jason, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology, DePaul University

"An Adolescent's Guide to ME/CFS is an essential book addressing a hidden health crisis. Young people dealing with this devastating disease not only have to deal with their illness but with the lack of understanding from the outer world. This book will both give them and their families the practical information they need and will be a balm, leaving them feeling less alone and misunderstood."
- Julie Rehmeyer, author of Through the Shadowlands and contributing editor at Discover magazine

"An excellent, concise overview of ME. There is a crisis in (lack of ) health care for these patients. Shetty knows more about ME than most health professionals and demonstrates that one person can make a difference--even a teen. Share this book widely, for education and research are crucial to lessen the suffering of millions of patients worldwide."
- Dorothy Hassler, MD, pediatrician and parent of severely ill patient

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