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A Concise Guide to Microservices for Executive (Now for DevOps too!)

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Organizations that have successfully laid a foundation for continuous innovation and agility have adopted microservice architectures to respond rapidly to the demands of their business. Microservices are the evolution of best-practice architectural principles that shape the delivery of solutions to the business in the form of services. All businesses, no matter what industry they are in, must strive to deliver the ideal customer experience, as customers are more demanding than ever and will abandon a business that is too slow to respond. A microservice architecture aligns with the business in such a way that changes to your business can be dealt with in an agile fashion. The ease and speed with which your company can change will determine your ability to react to trends in your industry to remain competitive.  In this updated 2nd edition we take a high-level approach to describing the microservice architecture and how that aligns with the organisation's business goals. We describe the microservice patterns, and the pros and cons of when and where they should be deployed, which provide you with a good overall education in this new development paradigm. However, in this updated edition we go much further, as we take a deeper dive into microservice design, implementation and the nuances of networking and monitoring. We discuss preferred infrastructure models and connectivity protocols as well as contemplate several use-cases for microservices such as micro-front-ends, the IoT and GDPR. Finally, we close with an extensive summary of the main takeaways from this the 2nd edition of 'A concise guide to Microservices for Executives - and now DevOps too!'

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