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To My Beloved Son Teygan

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This is a Christian inspirational and instructional guide book from a loving and concerned father to his innocent and precious son, informing him of the crux of secular and religious pitfalls in life. Pitfalls he unfortunately, could not have escaped from, but thanks be to God Almighty that created the heaven and the earth at the beginning. Through His grace alone he was delivered from the hand of the enemy and from the great deception that has captured the entire world. This concerned father and now brethren of the holy saints has made a promised to God who had delivered him, that he will make it his life's purpose to expose, reprove, correct, rightly divide, lovingly edify, patiently protect and vehemently fight for the faith that was once delivered to us, and to humbly warn not only his precious son, love ones and the believing body but also the entire world.

Let me make this explicitly clear, this article is not a commentary or expository about Scriptures, on the contrary it‘s an inspirational and instructional guiding light aim to encourage all men and women everywhere to read the holy Scriptures for themselves and allow the the true creator of the universe-The Lord God Jesus Christ, to speak to our hearts.

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