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The Counselors

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Austin Benson has been caught with his whatever in the neighbor-lady’s cookie jar. Now what! Rena Benson, Austin’s wife, is distraught. And he is befuddled, to say the least, about how to repair the damage and their marriage.
Austin packs up his family and moves across country. Okay. Then Rena enlists the expertise of local prominent marriage counselors. Good. However, the counselors, reverends Darnell and Elizabeth Glass, are having cookie-jar issues of their own. Well, it’s a thin line between love and hate, and one can only wonder just which couple needs the most mending; the wounded young couple or the holier-than-thou experts.
But, since adultery is at least as old as the Bible, perhaps older than prostitution, God is there to help clear things up. Because He is the oldest, period. He’s the mother, and father, of all counselors.
In The Counselors, after a fair amount of cussing out, sex-capade interrogations and pride stomping, revelation abounds for everyone.
Check out this freebie, an excerpt from the upcoming Two Old White Ladies in Africa and Other Life Journeys—a collection of novellas and novel-lattes!!!!

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