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The Trial of Garrett Palmer

144 pages2 hours


Garrett Palmer sits before the judge, confident the prosecutor has no hard evidence to lock him up. He is dedicated to his organization, the Atlanta Crime Network, so the possibility of prison time is a fair price to pay to maintain its clean reputation. As adopted son of a network patriarch, Garrett takes the organization’s creed—to never turn your back on the “family”—very seriously.

But then Simona, Garrett’s wife who was killed as a result of a forgotten rivalry, takes the witness stand. Suddenly, Garrett realizes this is no ordinary trial—this is a trial of life and death, and the judge’s decision will mean much more than hard time in prison.

Garrett’s belief that family is worth more than anything is shaken to the core, and by the end of his trial, he’ll realize that there is a force higher than family bonds to be reckoned with.

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