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Finding the Oasis Within

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Finding The Oasis Within
Victoria Raye is a Holistic Therapist, a Healer and a Medium, however, she is also a very ordinary woman who has experienced, and ultimately freed herself from, some really very unpleasant times. In this book you will get to know her, to understand what caused her to hit rock bottom, where she finally woke up. She created a very simple, but effective therapeutic system. It allowed her to become both therapist and client at the same time, in order to locate and release limiting beliefs and challenge the person that she saw in the mirror. She went on to strip back the shell of that weak, abused, and broken woman that she had become and ultimately rebuilt herself from scratch. She found who she was, what she was, and ultimately, a way to help others take back control for themselves and move forwards with strength and courage, just as she did.
In this book she demonstrates these techniques with genuine and honest detail of how her therapeutic “mash up” worked for her and for many of her clients, not only healing them but empowering them to continue to work on themselves, rebuilding the authentic person who could move on, in order to make the most of their own life experience.
In Finding The Oasis Within, she introduces you to these techniques, explains how she used them for herself and demonstrates how you can use them to take control, and find the person that you really are, to build confidence, to release limits and false beliefs and to firmly establish YOU, the person. Creating, not only the person that you would love to be, but the very best version of the person that you will love.
This book is, in no way a substitute for long term counselling or professional therapy, but it will empower you to utilise therapeutic skills to change and rebuild the person that you were meant to be.
If you know that you are not making life happen for you, but in fact you have given up and are letting life happen to you, then this book will give you the tools to regain control and go on to reconstruct the life that you came here to enjoy.

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